Your mood. New podcasts. Anywhere, anytime.

About Moodcast

Welcome to Moodcast,the webapp that provides you with new podcasts based on your mood - anywhere, anytime. Conceived in the summer of 2017, the idea came to its creator from the frustration of discovering new podcasts. Working through General Assembly's Front End Web Development course, it became clear that creating podcast playlists based on a user's mood would be possible through the coding methods and strategies discussed in this course.

Now, anyone can visit this page (once deployed online) to find podcasts best-suited to their current mood. This page will continue to be built overtime, with new moods and podcasts added for your listening pleasure.

About the Developer

Diego Mas González is: a College of the Holy Cross almunus. He is an avid reader, tech follower, occasional photographer, and blogger. You can find him working in the digital marketing field in Manhattan, or scrolling his Twitter feed for updates on today's current events. He is just now discovering his love of building projects through code and he does not expect this passion project to be his last!

About the Logo

The logo created for Moodcast originally came from two separate image creations from The Noun Project. Credit to both vector images go to Viktor Vorobyev and Miso Duzek.

© Diego Mas Gonz├ílez